Colby Ebert
Commercial Relationship Manager

8 Years
Banking Experience
499 Woodruff Road
Greenville, NC 29607

I feel my career in the banking industry has been a very beneficial use of my knowledge and skills in accounting and problem-solving. I am ambitious, hard-working and bring great value to my clients and my company. Working with my clients and helping them grow a successful business is the key driver of my motivation and future success. I bring years of knowledge and experience in multiple line of business. My overall goal is for each client to achieve financial security and economic success.

Client Focus

C&I and CRE


I first started out in retail banking for a few years and then moved into commercial banking. I began my career in 2011 and now on my 8th year in banking.


BA from the University of South Carolina


I serve on the board of a local non profit called Op-Con. Op-Con provides all branches of the US military different kinds of products and services. From battle/combat gear to military chaplain support. We ship all over the world to provide our soldiers much needed goods and support. OP-CON is one of the few companies who’s logo is military combat approved.

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