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Digital Deposits Give You More Banking Options

If your business receives checks for its goods or services, you should consider the 24-hour convenience of digital deposits, with options that include the use of smartphones, office scanners, and even Smart ATMs.

Digital deposits use the latest security measures to protect your accounts and they enable you to deposit checks day or night from anywhere you have an Internet connection so you can get your money to work for you sooner. At Smart ATMs, you can even deposit U.S. paper currency.

Mobile deposit lets you quickly deposit checks from a banking app installed on your smartphone.

Making a mobile deposit from the app is simple. All you have to do is take photos of both sides of an endorsed check and then send to complete the transaction. This option is great if you only need to deposit a few checks a month or need to get money deposited quickly.

For businesses that receive a lot of checks, office deposit is a good choice. Using a scanner that can either be provided by your financial institution or purchased, it’s basically a three-step process:

  1. Scan checks with a scanner hooked to a computer.
  2. Click SEND to transmit the check images to the bank.
  3. The funds are deposited into your account.

If you have access to a Smart ATM with built-in scanners, you can deposit paper checks or U.S. currency without the need for deposit slips or envelopes. After signing in, you simply insert checks or paper currency in a single stack. You’ll get an itemized list of your deposits to review before confirming. You can even print check images on your deposit receipt.

Using digital deposits in conjunction with online or mobile banking is another way for you to bank securely at your convenience and to monitor your accounts so you can keep track of your funds.

Ask your financial institution about its digital deposit options and how business banking can help you manage your money.

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