Community Association Banking

Community Association Banking

Experience portfolio growth and revenue expansion with our scalable solutions, customized to your business goals. You’ll benefit from our streamlined onboarding, integrated platform, and secure payment handling. Our dedicated HomeTrust team guides you from design to maintenance, offering tailored banking solutions aligned with your goals and tech stack, ensuring financial success now and in the future.

How we can help:

Led by a CAI Educated Business Partner, Elise Penland, HomeTrust provides a team designed to support the unique needs of community management companies with the expertise you need to create an optimal banking solution.

Why HomeTrust Bank:

Finding the right Partner has many benefits to your Business.

Strategic Partnerships

Let us help you drive portfolio growth and expand your revenue streams by offering scalable solutions to support your business objectives.

Banking Made Easy

Our simple and straight forward onboarding process allows for easy account maintenance. It’s the foundation of our program!



You’re Not Alone

Our team is designed to support the unique needs of community management companies and large HOA’s with the expertise you need to create a seamless banking solution.


Build transparency and visibility with integrated solutions which bundle accounting, banking, and community management.


We’ll meet you where you are and help you grow from there.

Elevate Your Process

Integrate your banking and payment information with your management platform for secure, quick access.

Talk to an Expert Today!

Connect with Elise Penland, our CAI Educated Business Partner today to see how we can help move your management company forward.

Elise Penland

Association Banking Officer

CAI Educated Business Partner

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