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Refinancing your home can lower rates and free up funds

Refinancing your home can be a great way to lower your interest rate and free up funds for paying off debt or making a large purchase. Before you commit to refinancing it’s smart to do some research. HomeTrust Bank’s mortgage experts are happy to show you the pros and cons of refinancing so you know what’s best for your financial needs.

Refinance loan questions to ask:

  • Will the cost savings from refinancing cover the cost of the refinance?
  • What terms are best for you, fixed rate, variable or up-front fees for a lower rate?
  • What is your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio? Generally, the lower LTV ratio, the better rate you can receive.

When you should consider refinancing

  • When mortgage rates are falling, so you can keep current repayment terms and lower monthly payments or keep payments the same but shorten your repayment time.
  • You’ve only been in your home a few years so you are primarily paying interest.
  • The value of your home is rising, and you can use the increased equity to pay off other debts.

Refinancing can also help you consolidate debt by lowering the amount you pay monthly with a lower interest rate. If you are considering making a large purchase or consolidating your debt, refinancing your mortgage is a great way to achieve your goal.

HomeTrust Bank offers two types of refinance loans—fixed rate and adjustable rate. Our fixed-rate refinance loans have flexible terms, and offer predictable payments and interest rates.

Refinance adjustable rate loans help you lower interest rates for the short term, and are best for borrowers who plan to move before the fixed-rate term expires.

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