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Making The Most of Business Credit Card Rewards

Using a credit card for your business can make a lot of sense – and dollars.

That’s because many business credit cards offer rewards – like cash back, travel miles, lodging, or even points.

To choose the best card for you and your business look at your expenses, noting where you spend the most.

Next, review the available small business cards, looking for those that offer the best rewards to match your needs. Whether it’s on office supplies, gasoline, a catch-all spending category, or cash back, you can start stacking up those rewards!

You might even decide on a couple of cards, one that offers higher points in one category, such as telephone service, and another that offers great rewards on travel costs.

There are some other things to consider, too:

  • Make sure you know if there’s an annual fee, and if it is financially worth it.
  • You’ll also want to know if there are reward limits after spending above a certain amount.
  • You might even want to add employees as authorized users on your account, so when they use their cards, it will count toward your rewards.

A credit card that rewards you for spending – that’s just good business.

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