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Watch Out For Package Delivery Scams

With online shopping it seems like we’re always waiting for a package to be delivered – and scammers know that.

Major shipping companies have warned consumers to be on the lookout for unsolicited emails or text messages that alert them to a shipping or delivery problem and that requires immediate action.

These scam messages can look real. They might include a legitimate delivery company’s logo and possibly an internet address that looks official. They’ll tell you there is a problem with your shipment and encourage you to click a link or download a file for more information. The message might even provide a telephone number to call.

Resist temptation, because scams like this are designed to infect your device with a virus or to get you to share personal information that could be costly.

Here are some tips provided by major package delivery companies to help you spot a potential scam and to keep your personal information or money from falling into the wrong hands.

Don’t open unsolicited emails or texts or download any files that warn of a ‘delivery failure’ or ‘missing information.’  This might lead to virus being placed on your device that could collect usernames or passwords, allow scammers to access important files, or expose you to ransomware that locks all the data on your device.

Legitimate shipping companies won’t use this type of communication to ask you for personal information such as financial or account numbers, passwords, a Social Security number, invoice details or other sensitive data. They also won’t demand immediate payment with gift cards or wire transfers.

If you are concerned there could really be a problem, go to the website where you made a purchase and check the status of your shipment there or find the email receipt you received after the purchase. Use those communications to check on the shipment or contact customer service through a company’s official website or an officially published telephone number. Explain your situation and have your receipt or an official communication about a purchase or shipment as a reference.

Don’t panic when you see one of these ‘urgent’ notices. Take the time to think things through so you don’t get wrapped up in a package delivery scam.

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