Mobile Security

We use them. We love them. Our smartphones and tablets are a part of everyday life. Here are some helpful tips to keep you, your device and your personal information safe.

Create a password

  • A basic, but often overlooked security tip, an access code helps keep people out.
  • Swipe patterns are fine, but a greasy finger trail could reveal too much.

Make sure your device locks automatically

  • Most devices let you set them up to lock automatically after a short period of inactivity.

Download apps from secure sources only

  • The Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store review all their apps before making them available. If you have concerns about an app, notify your device’s App Store and avoid the app.

Read your apps’ permissions

  • Some apps require more than the default permissions. Proceed with caution if an app asks for unusual permissions; like an alarm clock that wants access to your contacts.

Be wary of email and text links

  • Checking email on your smartphone is convenient, but phishing scams can affect it. And they’re not limited to email. Don’t click on a link in a text you don’t trust either!

Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection

  • Free Wi-Fi is great, but continually searching for networks gives away information about you and your location. Use a location-aware app to automatically turn on/off wireless in certain places. Don’t forget to delete the networks you no longer use.

Turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it

  • Your Bluetooth is another doorway to your data, so switch it off or set your device to “not discoverable” whenever possible. Never accept connection requests from unknown devices.

Update your operating system

  • These updates often include system vulnerability patches, so don’t forget to keep them up-to-date.

Download security software

  • Just like your home computer, don’t leave your mobile devices to chance. Research security apps that include malware prevention, remote data wipe, privacy reviews and a security advisor.

Encrypt your device

  • Even with a password, a thief can access your data.
  • By encrypting your device, you can protect yourself from data theft.