Tracie Dowd

Professional Banker
North and South Carolina

Tracie Dowd helped implement the Professional Banking services program at HomeTrust Bank.

The program, which began its work on October 1, 2018, aims to offer the highest level of service by bringing business professionals and affluent clients customized financial solutions at their location and on their schedule.

As a concierge banker, Tracie works as a single point of contact for all her clients’ needs. She helps guide clients in The Carolinas through the loan process; find the right mortgage partner, commercial partner or financial advisor; and manage checking, savings, and money market accounts.

For Tracie, connecting with people and making their lives easier are her favorite parts of what she does.

Tracie joined HomeTrust in 2010. Prior, she worked in mortgage lending, processing, and underwriting as well as retail banking. She earned a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and is a fifth-generation Asheville native who is happy to work for a locally headquartered bank.

She lives in Weaverville, North Carolina with her husband and loves spending time with her three kids, traveling to the beach, and baking.