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Donation to the Victims of the Sevier County Fires

When a tragedy like the Sevier County fires strike, the community comes together. Being a community bank with branches adjacent to Sevier County, we could not ignore the terrible destruction to our neighbors.

Led by Market President Trey Coleman, our Tennessee employees started researching ways to help. In the end, our TN team (including branches in Johnson City, Morristown and Knoxville) made a cash donation to the Oak Ridge Rotary Community Fund.

This organization started by collecting necessities for people affected by the fire, and had an overwhelming response. In no time, their warehouses were overflowing with items needed by fire victims.

Now, they need monetary donations to help fill other needs. The $4,500 donated by HomeTrust Bank will help pay for medications of fire victims, a truly important need.

This donation effort is run by the Oak Ridge Rotary Community Fund, so all of the money collected for this effort will go directly to the fire victims. No overhead cost is taken on behalf of the Rotary.

To learn more or to make a donation visit the Rotary Community Fund website, or visit one of our branches for more information.

HTB donates large check to rotary
HomeTrust Bank presents Fred Heitman, The Rotary District Governor, with a check to support Sevier County fire victims. From left to right: Luke, Megan, Fred Heitman, Kelly, and Trey.