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Beware of Work from Home Scams

Does this sound like the perfect job? Work from home! Make big money!

While many businesses are offering legitimate remote work opportunities, there are also many work-from-home scammers who are looking for targets.

So how can you tell if that remote job opportunity is a dream job—or a nightmare?

Beware of any work-from-home job that:

  • offers you lots of money for not much work or experience
  • asks for money up front for an interview, job offer, training, or equipment
  • asks for personal information like SSN or banking info as part of the application. This can expose you to fraud or identity theft.
  • promises “guaranteed” or “surefire” profits
  • doesn’t describe the job adequately, or only offers a list of the perks
  • only corresponds via email or chat
  • offers you the job immediately
  • sends you a check for expenses and asks you to send part of it on, or return it in the form of gift cards. Real businesses will NEVER ask you to do this.

If you think that there’s a chance that remote job is legitimate, there are a few ways to check:

  • Do a little research. What does the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission say about the company? What reviews have people left online or on job listing sites? A simple internet search is often very revealing.
  • Find the company’s contact info and call them to ask about the job listing.
  • Ask questions. Legitimate employers can give you detailed information about the job details, eligibility requirements, and benefits.

When it comes to work-from-home offers, do your homework, and trust your instincts. Because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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