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Watch Out For Signs of a Romance Scam

If you are looking to meet that special someone online via a dating app or social network, you’ll want to proceed with caution if the conversation turns to money.

While millions of people successfully find a good match, thousands of others fall victim each year to romance scammers who falsely build relationships then trick their victims out of money or personal information.

While an online romance might feel right at the beginning, there are signs that can indicate something else might be going on.

Do they always have an excuse for not being able to meet you in person?

Have they asked you for details about your finances or other personal information?

It’s the questions about money or private information that should set off alarm bells.

If the person you have been communicating with asks for funds for things like medical, travel or other financial needs, then wants you to wire them the money or to send them gift cards or a reloadable cash card, end the relationship immediately. The same goes if they ask about your financial accounts or your credit card or Social Security numbers.

You don’t want to be the victim of a romance scam that drains your savings or leads to identity theft.

If you think you’ve been scammed, you might be able to help others by notifying the service where you met the scammer, and also reporting it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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