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HomeTrust Bank, Super Sponsor!

HomeTrust Bank is proud and excited to be the “Super Sponsor” for the Superhero Race on October 17th in Roanoke, VA.

On October 2nd, Family Promise posted a story on their Facebook page about why HomeTrust Bank is a sponsor.

HomeTrust Bank Superhero
Adam Shores, Roanoke Market President, and his daughter cross the finish line at the 2014 Superhero Race.

“At HomeTrust Bank, our superpower is Community Pride. The Bank, which was founded nearly a century ago, has a rich history of community support focusing in affordable housing, education and community health and wellness. We believe that when Roanoke is strong and healthy, so are we!”

HomeTrust Bank supports Family Promise “because they also believe in healthy communities by helping homeless families regain their independence.”

Check out the full article on the Superhero Race Facebook page.