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To the HomeTrust Community

To the HomeTrust Community:

In 2020, we made a statement to our teammates and the larger community about our commitment to diversity and inclusion following the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent call for social justice. Since then, we have focused on enhancing our diversity and inclusion initiatives, setting a strategic priority of “a best place to work,” and introduced a set of 33 Culture Fundamentals by which we run our company and treat one another.

At the time, it was our hope that we would not find it necessary to make statements about current events again. Unfortunately, multiple violent atrocities nationally and abroad have increased rather than lessened. HomeTrust’s stance will always be to stand with our impacted teammates, and ensure they have the support necessary to process these senseless atrocities. However, recent events have prompted us to speak out, and we want to draw your attention to two of HomeTrust’s Culture Fundamental practices:

Culture Fundamental #1: Do the Right Thing, Always.

We are compelled to speak out against the senseless acts of violence in Israel and the ongoing loss of human lives in Israel and Palestine. We condemn violence against innocent lives. Our commitment is to honor the dignity of human life and ensure that we provide support to our teammates during difficult times, such as now.

Culture Fundamental #7: Embrace Diverse Perspectives.

We live in a diverse world. Locally, we serve diverse communities, people, and business owners from all walks of life. We extend our love and support to those who are grieving loss personally, or in their community. It is our goal to stand behind our team of unique, diverse, and gifted teammates always, but specifically in times of need. We have provided access to resources to our teammates who may need additional support during this time.