27. Make Quality Personal
Demonstrate a passion for excellence and take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Have a healthy disdain for mediocrity. Good is not good enough. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?”

Fundamental of the Week

27. Make Quality Personal
Demonstrate a passion for excellence and take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Have a healthy disdain for mediocrity. Good is not good enough. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?”

Fundamental of the Week

Our Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals are the core of our culture here at HomeTrust Bank, not mere guidelines. They encapsulate the values we hold and serve as a guiding light for our conduct in every facet of our business.

When we say that our Fundamentals define our culture, we mean they shape the very essence of who we are as a bank. They influence the way we engage with our clients, ensuring that their needs are always our top priority and that we deliver the highest level of service. Our Fundamentals steer us in forging strong relationships with our strategic partners, fostering collaboration and innovation to achieve mutual success. And above all, they govern how we treat each other as a team, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

It is through the lens of our Fundamentals that we have achieved extraordinary success. They serve as the driving force behind our team’s exceptional accomplishments, inspiring us to go above and beyond for our clients and for one another. Our Fundamentals motivate us to Be Relentless About Improvement, to Think and Act Like an Owner, and to Do the Right Thing, Always.

Ultimately, they remind us that our success is not solely measured by numbers, but by the positive impact we make on the lives of those we serve.

Fundamental Favorites

29. Deliver an Effortless Experience
Throughout my career I have said the client experience is what will set us apart from competitors. We all offer the same products and services, but I guarantee you we won’t offer the same experience. I want to make things easy and go above and beyond to help a client or a teammate. A financial journey is very personal, and when we are “ridiculously helpful” that’s how we truly build trust and develop relationships.

Professional Banker

Kelli Bagley

8. Be Objective
I discovered I could improve my decision making by putting my experience into action. I focus on gathering the facts, data, and insights from those I trust and asking the right questions to get the best answer. This helps me make a decision, set the course of action, monitor the results, and move on.

Director of Municipal Finance

John Tench

12. Invest in Relationships
We’re in the business of relationships so getting to know each other and our customers. The fundamental says talk more, email less. There’s an art to having a conversation, joy in hearing laughter, and connection when you interact with another. When we’re hustling to get to the next event, be the first to market, or the best in our field, it’s easy to miss the opportunity to connect and lift each other up.

Licensed Relationship
Development Banker

Justin Perri

20. Show Meaningful Appreciation
Showing someone you care, you listened, you stopped for a moment to reiterate that what they did or what they said mattered is important. I don’t think appreciation has to come in grand gestures - it’s more the thought that matters. Even small words of encouragement or appreciation go a long way in making someone’s day special.

Consumer Banking Group Executive

Kristin Powell

24. Be a Fanatic About Response Time
I love being informed, or put another way, I get very uncomfortable when I do not have enough necessary information or if I am awaiting a key piece of information. Look to respond quickly to questions and concerns - don’t be afraid to let people know you are working on a solution even if you do not have the answer. People will respect that you care about their time.

President, Virginia Market

Adam Shores

3. Be Positive
A positive attitude can often be the determining factor between success and failure. Problems are inevitable, but how we react to them can make all the difference in overcoming obstacles. Consciously choose to be joyful and optimistic every day. You will soon find that positive attitude will provide motivation for excellence, not only for yourself but those around you. Attitude is altitude!

Senior Credit Officer

Cathy Hartman

26. Collaborate
Looking back over my career, and with my current team, a great deal of learning and growth - both technical skills and interpersonal skills - have come from collaborating with peers and teammates. Discussing challenges and obtaining different viewpoints or angles to solve problems is a catalyst for growth. The result is a win for the client, the bank, and personal development.

Commercial Banking Group Executive

John Sprink

7. Embrace Diverse Perspectives
In a recent job interview, I asked the candidate what elements helped a team work well together. Their response included a statement about respecting the contributions and opinions of teammates, regardless of their experience or education level, and being humble enough to acknowledge when their ideas may be better. I am happy to say this person is now on our team.

Director of Compliance and Operational Risk

Molly Ponder

22. "Bring It" Every Day
To me, this fundamental is the “adrenaline shot” which enhances all the others. If I decide that building relationships is important, then I have to give it all I’ve got. If I need to perfect work/life balance, then I need to bring it 100%. Every fundamental receives a boost of effectiveness when we think of them through the lens of #22.

President, Tri-Cities Market

Corey Webb