John Sprink

Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Group Executive
Raleigh, North Carolina

In 2014, John F. Sprink II and three other members of an experienced, Raleigh-based commercial banking team wanted to find a bank that took a localized approach. At the time, HomeTrust had no presence in The Triangle area of Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh and was looking to expand as it converted from a savings and loan bank to a commercial bank.

The first Commercial Loan Production Office in Raleigh, North Carolina was born.

John, along with Tom Quinn, Darrin Williams, and Justin Dunn, rented a small space and got to work with shared offices, laptops and a fax machine. The team eventually found a permanent space at 4140 Park Lake Avenue, and HomeTrust has been in the market ever since, with the Raleigh location growing into one of its largest lending offices. Two retail banks in the market followed.

Some of his representative transactions at HomeTrust include a $6.0MM student housing development project; over $20MM in residential A&D loans; a $1.5MM line of credit to a family-owned business; a $12MM million construction line for a regional residential builder; a $26MM construction to permanent loan for a multi-family project; and $10MM retail/flex projects.

John received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a degree from the Graduate School of Banking at LSU.

After collaborating for more than 20 years, John still works with the same three colleagues, in addition to highly valued support staff. He says the team works hard, laughs, has fun and grows together with their clients, and considers themselves lucky to have done what they love for so long.